About Us

Atomic is a full-service graphic design agency with a diverse range of competencies, ranging from website design, website development, desktop publishing, flip page publications, graphic design, right up to extensive 3D modelling, animations and video production. We place utmost importance on providing our clients and their projects with personal and undivided attention. We have a proven track record in delivery-on-time and, more importantly, delivery of an outstanding product every time.

Atomic had its beginnings back in 2005 under the name Sevenworth DS (SDS). The company operated under the SDS banner until 2014 when Atomic came into existence. SDS subsequently became the holding company for all the business interests associated with it. These interests range from online stores to import/export and further to businesses serving public service and philanthropic objectives.

We invite you to engage with us on your next branding, design or visualization project. Please take a moment to browse through our latest project articles to see how we can help you bring a little awesome to your brand.

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